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The Potty Poncho

On a mission to make potty training more fun.

The Potty Poncho is a robe-like accessory designed with educational and entertaining patterns for children that can be used to provide learning activities while helping with toilet training during pool or bath time, and more!

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About the Founder

It was a chilly winter in New England when Tthe Potty Poncho founder, Susan Alger, started the potty training process with her two and a half year old daughter.  After watching her sweet girl shiver while sitting on the potty for long periods of time, Sue decided to create a way to keep her daughter covered and warm.  In a flash moment of creativity, Sue grabbed a towel and cut holes and slits, making it a poncho!  Her daughter LOVED it and that night, Sue started sketching out the vision to create a a versatile covering that could be worn during potty training and long after.

And just like that...

The Potty Poncho was born.

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